Creating your own Cinema Experience at home.

Getting Started

Home Cinema.

The expertise of creating the magic of Cinematic experience at home, Visually rich and immersive sound to keep you engaged into the movies.


The art of managing sound within the home cinema space , for an enthralling sound experience out of every cinema watching experience.


To create, control and take command of your home entertainment space replacing multiple control devices into a single point of command through mobile, tablets, gesture or voice.


We work with you, Not for you


The very beginning phase of a home theater, goes through a series of discussions and site visit to understand our client’s specific needs. We provide the drawings for design, electrical & working drawing to initiate the project. Design would be compromise of choices of colors inside the room along the required ambient lighting to lift up the mood for a relaxed entertainment experience.

Product Selection

A right pick of Audio/Video without compromise is half won battle for a great home theater room. A crucial phase where we suggest the required product for the room dimensions, nothing more, nothing less, a well suited speakers and amplifiers to cater to the volume of the room and drive the speakers at its best. Screen size and Projector for great view, with right amplifiers , cables & interconnects ensures world class Sound & Visual experience.


Every ear perceives sound differently. To add value to the choices of speakers and amplifiers selected, acoustics plays the next bigger role in managing the sound from speakers and sub woofers in varied frequencies. A well designed acoustic base is a near to victory for the experience inside a home theater. To manage sounds within and from exterior, our acoustic designs will support to a greater extent. We provide working drawing for the same.

Installation & Calibration.

A well installed equipment with acoustic based positioning of speakers and proper calibration of audio and video allows out client to enjoy the best of Sound & Visuals.


We take up turnkey solutions for our clients, so that the entire ownership of not missing any details of sound or visual rests on us. It gives us a flexibility to ensure all aspects of a home theater right from Design, Product selection, Acoustics and Installation flows seamlessly and to deliver an experience to our clients.


To create, control and take command of your home entertainment space replacing multiple control devices into a single point of command through mobile, tablets, gesture or voice. Handling multiple electronic gadgets is a herculean task with different controls for each . Automation enables you to bring the entire equipment into a single control platform and enables us to operate from multiple handheld devices of our like mobile & tabs. The controls can be done with voice and gesture too. Automation enables us to enjoy the process of movie watching with ease and comfort right from switching on the equipment or program the controls as per our convenience.


Things we've made


We create Cinema Experience at home

There is a difference between Noise & Sound. We make Sound better than the Best, with our experience in the field close to a decade.

Who we are

In the journey of Enhancing our clients entertainment experience at home, we have been very selective to offer the right products and solutions suited to our clients needs. Every room sounds different.. We understand this basic fact and deliver outstanding sound experience to clients, with our uncompromising audio, video and Acoustics solutions.

Our philosophy

A small change in placement of speakers can make a huge impact. We travel with our clients right from Design, Product selection, Acoustics & Caliberation of AV. The idea is not to sell… the idea is to add value in every aspect of building a home theater, with a wow factor in each element of Entertainment.

How we work

We work with connoisseurs of the industry, leading international brands and manufacturers from Europe, UK and US. Combined knowledge and continuous learning has enabled us to deliver the Experience to our clients home.

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